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Multifamily Market Rate & Mixed Income Housing

Most multifamily developers build only market-rate. The need for mixed-income multifamily housing, however, is critical today due to rising income inequality and housing affordability challenges. Many low, moderate, and middle-income families struggle to find housing they can afford in secure and stable neighborhoods, particularly in urban areas that tend to have higher living costs.

At Urban Renaissance Development, we take a different approach because we believe everyone has a right to live in a safe and comfortable home environment. We also believe economic profitability can be found in the development of all housing types and for all demographics.

Multifamily development that includes both market-rate and mixed-income options helps address this issue, providing improved access to jobs, education and services for every income. Economic diversity helps create more inclusive communities and reduce social isolation, promoting social equity and community well-being.

The principals of Urban Renaissance Development have a proven track record in multifamily development, representing over 6,000 units across a broad range of housing types and financing structures. Our history of successful developments in sensitive and often challenging locations sets us apart as an innovative developer with the local expertise needed to navigate complex entitlements.