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Student Housing

While some institutes of higher learning have experienced enrollment declines in recent years, demand for student housing remains high, particularly in areas with a high concentration of universities and colleges. In such cases, the need for more student housing options may be driven by factors such as limited housing supply, high living costs or the desire for convenient and accessible housing options near campus.

This can create a concentration of demand for housing in certain areas, further exacerbating the need for more multifamily options.

As an asset class,

  • Student housing tends to have a stable and predictable demand, as universities typically have a consistent flow of students each year.
  • The potential for high occupancy rates can lead to steady and reliable rental income streams.
  • Developing student housing in close proximity to campus creates a competitive advantage, leading to higher rents and occupancy rates.

At Urban Renaissance Development, our principals have 60 years of experience developing housing, inclusive of urban/infill student housing.