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Urban Infill Housing

Urban Renaissance Development is dedicated to sustainable development and revitalizing cities through urban infill. Our projects are designed to make efficient use of existing land and infrastructure, creating vibrant and walkable communities with a mix of housing options. Developing infill, vacant, and/or underutilized land brings important benefits to cities and communities, including:

Smart Growth:

Discourages suburban sprawl by allowing residents to live closer to urban job centers.

  • Increased walkability and transit orientation: Creates pedestrian, bike-friendly, and transit oriented communities, reducing reliance on cars.
  • Revitalized neighborhoods: Breathes new life and housing into declining or neglected neighborhoods.
  • Cost Savings: Reduces infrastructure costs using existing infrastructure systems.
  • Tax Revenue: Generates significant new local taxrevenue in otherwise underutilized locations to help fund public services that benefit the entire area.
  • Economic Boost: Increases economic activity from new development that attracts new businesses and creates jobs during and after construction.
  • Social Equity: Creates more diverse and inclusive communities for residents.